A SoTL Primer

How many times did you introduce SoTL to someone new in the last year, and what did that introduction look like:  a definition, a description, a metaphor, a citation, a workshop, a book, a website?primer

I dream of a SoTL primer, a little anthology of key readings that would together provide some coverage, depth, and range of the field. I imagine a simple cover, a size that fits comfortably in my hands and lightly in my bookbag, lovingly worn pages with dog-eared corners and post-it notes throughout, and oh that book smell.  Read more….

6 thoughts on “A SoTL Primer

  1. Kathleen McKinney

    This is cooooollll…. I am not sure whether you are still collecting ideas but I would like to see something on applying, using SoTL results in and beyond the classroom (topic of my new edited book in progress with Jen Friberg). I am sure there are other articles written by others but I have written some short pieces (perhaps too brief or not general enough; I’m not sure):

    McKinney, K. 2012. “Making a Difference: Applying SoTL to Enhance Learning.” The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 12 (1): 1-7.

    McKinney, K. 2012. “Increasing the Impact of SoTL: Two Sometimes Neglected Opportunities.” International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 6 (1).

    McKinney, K. and Jarvis, P. 2009. “Beyond Lines on the CV: Faculty Applications of their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research.” International Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 3 (1).


  2. Nancy Chick

    Kathleen–Thanks! And I’m absolutely still collecting lists, so yes, thanks, this is great!

  3. Marit Allern

    I think that Lee Shulman definitely should be represented with:
    “Teaching as community property: Putting an End to Pedagogical solitude”
    as this still is highly relevant!

  4. nancychick


  5. I’ve been asked to collect SoTL information for a science teaching reform group, so I really hope you do this! I would also suggest a chapter on “navigating the IRB paperwork” — that is, for any faculty who do not normally do research involving humans, a major headache and hurdle.

  6. nancychick

    Hi, Linden. See this explanation in my SoTL Guide, including the link to a “collection of essays and other materials”: http://sotl.ucalgaryblogs.ca/doing-sotl/doing-ethical-research/

    What SoTL information are you being asked to collect?

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