SoTL Immersion

by Joanna Rankin Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (Cummings School of Medicine), University of Calgary Having recently attended the ISSOTL 2017 conference, I have completed the SoTL Immersion that I proposed only a year ago. Dipping my toes into the deep waters of SoTL, this journey took me to the SoTL Commons conference in Savannah […]

What It Looks Like: Experience as a Guide to SoTL Inquiry

by Emma Spooner In this excerpt from her final essay for the SoTL Foundations Program for Graduate Students, Emma Spooner begins to think about developing her own SoTL inquiry. I loved the multidisciplinary approach of discussions of SoTL and the fact that it encourages cross-disciplinary research. I am just beginning my teaching career, but I have been lucky enough […]

Toward an Ethos of Attribution

Recently while driving home, I was listening to an academic podcast and was struck by a verbal pattern of the hosts.  They were referring to others’ ideas, research, and writing without clearly or explicitly identifying these others.  Although the episode’s web page includes links to some of these materials as “additional resources,” in nearly 20 minutes, the hosts drew […]

A SoTL Primer

How many times did you introduce SoTL to someone new in the last year, and what did that introduction look like:  a definition, a description, a metaphor, a citation, a workshop, a book, a website? I dream of a SoTL primer, a little anthology of key readings that would together provide some coverage, depth, and range of […]

Expanding the Roles of Engagement

One of my strategic principles for SoTL highlights multiple levels of engagement. Of course, we encourage and support our colleagues who are practitioners or “producers” of SoTL, and we now recognize students as engaged in SoTL, not just as learner-participants in projects but also as co-inquirers (Werder & Otis, 2009; Felten, 2013). But there’s another population we don’t often consider in […]

Humanities & SoTL: 2 Bibliographies

After a lively discussion of “Controls in SoTL” on the POD listserv in early July, I worried that some of the key folks in the position to encourage, support, and define SoTL on campuses might still be sending the message that SoTL should look like something that many of us don’t recognize as speaking to, with, or for us…. Yet no matter […]